Astrid Bryan over haar 'pimped out jeep truck mobile'

Astrid Bryan over haar 'pimped out jeep truck mobile'


Astrid   Bryan   hollywood   pussy   wagon   Audi   pimped   chromed   truck  

Astrid Bryan, bekend uit 'Vlaamse Hollywood Vrouwen' spreekt bijzonder lyrisch over haar, inmiddels, legendarische 'Pussy Wagon'... 'D@ pussy of die Biatch in d@ Pussy Wagon'... durf wedden dat Sacha Baron Cohen [Borat, Brüno] er nog een film over maakt... Na het witlof, Belgisch export op zijn best!

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    • alix dompas

    would very much like to get in contact with Astrid, I am a 56 year old women from Herentals and havve 2 sisters living in the states (Vermont)
    Is there a possibility to get in tuch please contact me on [email protected] THANKS

    • Robena

    How to start a blog. Kindly suggest books on the subject?

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